Spring Detox for Healthy, Balanced Skin.


The sun is shining, the flowers are blooming, and the birds are singing. We are definitely in the full swing of Spring. With the arrival of the new season comes a fresh new start for all walks of life, and a natural urge to shed layers by clearing away the clutter; not just our homes, but our body's too.

After a long, sluggish winter, our skin is usually in need of a youthful reboot to restore vitality and a supple, dewy-glow. Here are 8 ways you can kick-start a natural detox to support your body and balance your skin for Spring.

1. Get plenty of rest-

A good nights rest plays an essential role in our health and well being. Sleep is nourishing for our brain, body, and skin. When we are sleeping, our body and cells are detoxifying and repairing. This process is essential to our health and well-being and enables us to wake up feeling refreshed, with healthy looking skin.

Lack of sleep can slow down the cell regeneration process, especially at the skin level, leaving us with dark circles under our eyes and imbalances in our skin that can turn into dryness, redness, and irritation.


2. Drink lots of water -

Water is essential for life to thrive. When we are adequately hydrated, our cells are able to function correctly, and our body can easily flush out all of the toxins using the urinary and digestive systems, also through our skin via sweat and perspiration. You should drink at least half your body weight in ounces daily but may want to up your intake during the warmer months. Lack of water is usually the cause for dry/cracked lips and flaky, crepey skin. Not to mention, lines and wrinkles are more prominent in dehydrated skin.

3. Start the morning with a detox-

Just like a workout at the gym, your body needs to be nourished to recover from a night of repairs. Your body has a fresh start and is ready to absorb what you feed it. Kick start digestion and hydration by drinking a cup of warm water with fresh lemon or ginger. Follow with a detox smoothie for breakfast to support your body's natural detox functions, eliminate cravings, and give your skin that hydrated-healthy glow.



4. Kick the "bad stuff" -

If we want to get our skin ready for Springtime selfies, it's a good idea to discontinue what created our issues in the first place. Sugar, processed foods, and saturated fats can all wreak havoc on our body and skin. Leading to inflammation, acne breakouts, eczema, and rosacea flare-ups, not to mention, the added inches to our waistline. Try to nourish your body with whole organic fruits, vegetables, and lean meats rich in nutrients and fiber, so that you can reap the health and skin benefits without rationing portions and counting calories. For the busy bees on the go, try your Super.com for tasty, functional superfood mixes for better health.

5. Soak in a salt bath-

Our skin is the largest organ in our body and plays a massive role in the overall detoxification process. A warm soak loaded with Epsom salts, clays, and essential oils can help ease tension in the body and aid our skin in the elimination process.

Get some detox bath recipes here. (wellnessmama.com/8331/detox-bath-recipes/)


6. Move Daily-

Movement gets your body and organs going, making it easier for the natural detoxifying process to take place, and it is vital to keep your body and energy flowing. Springtime brings breezy weather and beautiful scenic views, making it the perfect season to get outdoors and move regularly. Whether you choose to take a nature walk, hit the beach for some yoga, or step it up with a dance class or weight training, You are sure to feel the benefits movement has on your mind, body, and skin.

7. Relax-

Take time out each day to check in with yourself and relax. Whether it's just 10 minutes of sitting quietly, meditation in nature, or an hour spa visit, relaxation is essential to our health and well-being. This will not only keep your mind clear and grounded, but it will also help to purge any negative emotions that may have built up over time. Relaxation aids in emotional detox which directly connects to our mental and physical health.

8. Try a juice cleanse-

If you want to kick-start your body and skin into glowing health, a juice cleanse is an ideal way to reboot your system and aid in detoxification. As a bonus, you could lose a few inches too. Be sure your juice is from organic fruits and vegetables without added sugar or sweeteners. For a done-for-you juice cleanse that is clean, healthy, and tastes fantastic, try our favorite juice bar, Good Vibes Juice Company.

Although a juice cleanse have many benefits and is a great way to kick off a detox, it is not a quick fix for good health. Be sure to take the appropriate supplements and eat plenty of whole foods to keep your body optimally functioning.

It is vital to speak with your physician to ensure a juice cleanse is right for you!



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